Do You Believe?: Interview God


Do you believe in money? Magic? Love? Love at first sight? Do you believe in friendship? Loyalty? Destiny?

There are a plethora of things that you can relate to the question “Do you believe?” The reality is, believing, in anything, is a choice. You have an option to believe it, or not.

For instance, you’re best friend comes up to you and tells you about something they saw, something involving another friend or even a boyfriend/girlfriend. The question upon hearing the details they share is, do you believe them? Also, why?

Today I pose a question, do you believe?

The act of believing means accepting as true, have faith, to hold something, and to feel sure that someone is capable of.

Believing in God, in His purpose and Will for your life is an option. You don’t have to, and honestly, you shouldn’t without a reason. Now, us a Christians may not think that’s the most appropriate thing to say, especially if there are non believers hearing, listening, or in this case, reading. But it’s true. Would you tell your kid to believe in something, stand up for something, or fight for something that they didn’t believe? Of course not. However, the individual we are discussing at this point, if God. The definition we just looked at, this part being my favorite, says “to feel sure that someone is capable.” How do you feel sure that someone is capable?

Looking at the capability of someone is essentially what employers do in their interviews. These are the things they look for:

  • Credentials. Someone who is capable of something, should have proven this at some point before to be classified as capable. They would have the credentials to perform the task, and perform it well.
  • Character. A Capable person, especially on a job, has great character. The character of this individual will be in line with the morals and standards that the company is looking for.
  • Ability. If the credentials are not there, many employers look at an individuals ability to perform the functions required for the position in which that person is applying. Based on the credentials they do have, do they have the ability, or potential, to fulfill this role to their greatest capacity, and meet company expectations.

So is God capable enough for you to believe in? Let’s “interview”:

  • Credentials. Throughout 66 books of the Bible, God has won wars, mended families, healed sickness, delivered from bondage, forgiven sins, performed miracles, blessed beyond measure, and a plethora of other things as well. Just about any page you turn to in the Bible will back that up. There are also any number of people who are not confined to the pages of the Bible that can attest to a miracle, sign, wonder, or change that has taken place in their life and attribute it to God. Credentials, check.
  • Character. Throughout 66 books, God’s character is portrayed. From His Holy anger and jealousy, to His love, tenderness, mercy, to His resilience for His people. There is not a time that He can be claimed as fraud, inauthentic, two-faced, or evil. Character, check.
  • Ability. While the Bible may not specifically depict the very situation you are dealing with, down to a tee, the credentials based on other scenarios with similar characteristics, and even dissimilar ones, along with His character can attest that He is able to do ANYTHING, that is of Him. Ability, check.

So, you’ve read your Bible, you’ve seen the evidence, read the resume, now you believe God, what does that mean? Did you know your believe affects the lives of people close to you and strangers alike?

Travis Thrasher has written this book, Do You Believe. While it is a fictional book, it is Christian based. The books takes us on a winding journey among the lives of a dozen or so people, who don’t all know each other personally but are linked in some way or another. Some believers, some not. The story is amazing and captures the attention of the reads by mingling all these people together before, during, and after a tragic event that brings God into the lives of them all in one way or another.

You can find a copy of this book here Do You Believe: A Novel .

This book was also made into a motion picture for my friends who are not big into reading, you can find the movie here: Do You Believe: The Movie.


I encourage you to ask yourselves today, Do you believe? In God? Why or why not? and Can you strengthen your believes by reading more into God’s resume?